Nokia Shares Experience a Very Favorable Markup

Rumors about Lenovo acquiring Nokia seem to have caught the attention of many, a proof easily seen when the price of Nokia shares shoot up at up to 17%.  This markup is a very favorable improvement on Nokia’s performance in the market, considering that it has been going through tough times for the past few years.

Talks about Nokia incorporating Intel technology into their smartphones are also becoming common.  Other than that, the most striking news that the tech world has recently been focusing on is the one about Lenovo taking over Nokia.  Gianfranco Lanci, a senior executive of Lenovo, laughed off the rumors about the possible acquisition.  He stated that if Lenovo was to acquire a company, it would be more likely to be a company that is in the same line of business:  computer manufacturing and marketing.

The source of the speculations regarding Lenovo’s acquisition of the Finnish company was not identified, but the fact that it made a significant effect on the price of Nokia shares gave people an idea that it might probably be the best option that the struggling company has.

Currently, Nokia is the top producer of smartphones that are equipped with Microsoft technology, giving people the impression that Microsoft would soon be taking over the struggling company.  The effect that the collaboration between the two has made on Nokia’s image was clearly to its advantage.  Although this is so, none of the rumors have been proven to be true.

While some fixate on the idea of Lenovo and Nokia, others are more interested in seeing a merger between Nokia and Intel.  In fact, the idea that Intel and Nokia would be working together is seen as more feasible, seeing that both parties could possibly benefit from it.  Nokia would have its chance at keeping up with the latest technologies (especially in developing smartphones), while Intel would have a cellphone brand exclusively to itself without having to go on a bandwagon with other smartphone producers.  Whether it is Lenovo or another company, Nokia’s chances today of being “back in the game” might be relying solely on a merger or a takeover.

With the ongoing crisis that Nokia is facing, it would be a smart move to have partnerships with other more “capable” companies, especially in the world of electronics.  If not, Nokia might soon lose any chances it has with getting back on top.

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