How To Earn Money With Only School Degree

With the rising college tuition expenses many students are finding it hard to take up advanced courses after completing schooling. Here are few ideas that are helpful for the students with school degree to make their living and meet their college expenses.

  1. Establish an own business: Observe the commodities that are used extensively in your neighborhood. Start selling those commodities right at home. To grab more number of customers campaign well about the business, bring quality commodities, sell the products a penny less compared to the competitors and try to bring rare items that customers would love to purchase. Make note of all the expenses and earnings to assess progress of the business.
  2. Freelance writing: If you possess language skills and are good at creative writing then work as a freelance writer. This can be done over the internet at convenient timings right from the comfort of the house. Try to grab projects that are close to your niche of study to improve knowledge. To make your online presence remarkable start a blog and keep posting latest information that a reader would love to read. If you are not comfortable working online, then work for your local magazines or news papers.
  3. Event organizer: If you have good social skills then you can work as an event organizer. Start by organizing small events such as birthday parties and improve gradually by organizing even more complicated events such as big weddings and business meetings. This way you can even help fellow friends by assigning few tasks to them. Currently, the demand for event organizers is increasingly greatly as most of them are not having time to organize the entire event on their own.
  4. Take up home tuitions: If you have got good subject knowledge and have the flair to teach then take up home tuitions for kids. If you cannot take up home tuitions talk to a local school administration and take part time job as a tutor, offer home work help or grab few students who are in need of tuition and conduct teaching sessions after school hours.
  5. Participate in conducting local surveys: Few government and local organizations pay a considerable amount for conducting surveys, collecting data, analyzing the data and presenting it in a form useful for them. Taking part in such surveys will also get you close to the community.
  6. Photography: If you are good at photography and can do wonders then take up few interesting photos and post them in a website. Every time a user uses the photograph you will be paid certain amount. This is a one time job but you can continue to make money forever. You can also work as a photographer at parties or weddings. You can also contribute interesting photos to local news paper and magazines. With your abilities try to frame interesting titles and quotes for these photographs to grab attention of viewers.

As can be seen all these tasks are simple to perform and can be done efficiently with a simple school degree. Apart from making money you will also enjoy the satisfaction of owing a business.

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Lay Off Possibilities: Sharp To Cut Around 5,000 Employees

With the current world economy looking not as favorable as it should be, the Japanese company Sharp Corporation is said to be having thoughts on laying off 5,000 of its employees cumulatively.  Since Sharp has different manufacturing plants and offices worldwide, this number represents only the total number of the possible jobs to be lost and not the distribution of the losses.

Currently, Sharp has over fifty thousand people employed – making the layoff plans a reduction of about ten percent of the total workforce of Sharp.  The possible cut is projected to alleviate the company’s reducing revenue, attributed to the decrease in the demand for Sharp’s products.  Sharp’s TVs alone experienced a significant blow in the market, leaving the company with tons of LCD panels in its factories – without any prospects of being liquidated any time soon.

Aside from the seemingly poor performance of Sharp products in the market, it also faces a cartel case in the US, adding up to the losses.  The $198 million settlement creates further damage to Sharp, considering that this could have already been part of its revenue for the second quarter of the year.

Rumors regarding a Taiwanese company’s interest on the ownership of Sharp’s LCD factory in Sakai, Osaka have also started to surface.  These speculations instigate the worries of many that the Sakai employees are the first to be laid off, but these rumors have no solid proof as of the moment.  In addition, even if the ownership of the factory is transferred to another company, it is possible that the employees would not be directly dismissed, considering that it would still need to have workers at the factory – and keeping Sharp’s current employees would be more convenient for the prospective new owner.

However, in a different perspective, Sharp’s subsidiary in Indonesia is looking more positive than the rest of the company’s constituents.  A representative from PT Sharp Electronics mentions that they will not be affected by this manpower reduction, and will in fact have about a thousand new jobs in the company by 2014.  This is a relief for many, especially that the company has almost 4,000 employees in Indonesia at the moment.

In essence, the move will be implemented by letting go of some individuals in plants that are no longer fully functional and by imposing early retirement: reducing its manpower significantly.  Voluntary early retirement is also a more favorable option for the company.

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Nokia Shares Experience a Very Favorable Markup

Rumors about Lenovo acquiring Nokia seem to have caught the attention of many, a proof easily seen when the price of Nokia shares shoot up at up to 17%.  This markup is a very favorable improvement on Nokia’s performance in the market, considering that it has been going through tough times for the past few years.

Talks about Nokia incorporating Intel technology into their smartphones are also becoming common.  Other than that, the most striking news that the tech world has recently been focusing on is the one about Lenovo taking over Nokia.  Gianfranco Lanci, a senior executive of Lenovo, laughed off the rumors about the possible acquisition.  He stated that if Lenovo was to acquire a company, it would be more likely to be a company that is in the same line of business:  computer manufacturing and marketing.

The source of the speculations regarding Lenovo’s acquisition of the Finnish company was not identified, but the fact that it made a significant effect on the price of Nokia shares gave people an idea that it might probably be the best option that the struggling company has.

Currently, Nokia is the top producer of smartphones that are equipped with Microsoft technology, giving people the impression that Microsoft would soon be taking over the struggling company.  The effect that the collaboration between the two has made on Nokia’s image was clearly to its advantage.  Although this is so, none of the rumors have been proven to be true.

While some fixate on the idea of Lenovo and Nokia, others are more interested in seeing a merger between Nokia and Intel.  In fact, the idea that Intel and Nokia would be working together is seen as more feasible, seeing that both parties could possibly benefit from it.  Nokia would have its chance at keeping up with the latest technologies (especially in developing smartphones), while Intel would have a cellphone brand exclusively to itself without having to go on a bandwagon with other smartphone producers.  Whether it is Lenovo or another company, Nokia’s chances today of being “back in the game” might be relying solely on a merger or a takeover.

With the ongoing crisis that Nokia is facing, it would be a smart move to have partnerships with other more “capable” companies, especially in the world of electronics.  If not, Nokia might soon lose any chances it has with getting back on top.

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This is what we do…

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PokerStars to Settle Money Laundering Issues at $547M

Online poker leaders PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker have recently been subjected to criminal charges, with 10 out of its 11 executives pleading guilty of money laundering charges.  The settlement for the issues were closed at 731 million dollars, $547 million of which will be paid to the government and the remaining $184 million will be reserved for reimbursing the victims of the online money laundering scheme.

The settlement amount that will be paid to the government was approved by Leonard Sand, US District Judge, which is set to be paid in a period of three years.  The $184 million will be allotted and made available by the online poker companies to repay all the player victims.

The 184-million-dollar payment will actually cover for reimbursing the players of Full Tilt Poker, given that the company is no longer operational and it owes its players this amount of money.

The charges on Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars was based on the fact that the online poker magnates were laundering the money through making online payments to dummy merchants selling items like jewelry and other expensive products.  A Manhattan attorney, Preet Bharara, have been working on shutting down the online poker providers, on the grounds of improper operation of the gambling businesses that do not adhere to US government policies.

It is said that forfeiting the companies’ assets to the government is not to be taken as a sign that PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker are admitting their fault; rather, agreeing to the settlement is their means of having a more harmonious relationship with the government for them to be given the chance to operate fully and legally.  Besides, the grounds on which they were taken in were rather a “gray area” in terms of online poker gaming itself – since there is no or very limited rules and regulations implemented for this type of industry.  With this, the government will be coordinating with gambling authorities and other institutions to be able to properly regulate this kind of online gambling.

Aside from these two, another online poker company called Absolute Poker is also going through the settlement process with the government for similar reasons.  Although this is so, no conclusion has been made yet on the case of Absolute Poker.

After the ordeal, PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker would now be making their best efforts to comply with all the regulations pertaining to gambling: whether online or otherwise.

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New Mexico Loans Online: Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Loans

Online loans make it easier for New Mexico residents to get help when they need it.  Finding financial assistance can be a little challenging at times; but fortunately, some institutions have made loans accessible through the Internet.

New Mexico is said to be among the Mountain States, and is currently on the top 10 list of the least-populated states in the US.  In the United States, it is among the top 3 producers of natural gas, natural gas liquids, and crude oil.

New Mexico is home to 3 Air Force bases, along with other military-related grounds and ranges.  This state also has two technology labs, six national forests, and a number of national parks and monuments.  In the first quarter of 2012, it was reported that this state’s unemployment rate is 7.2 percent: less than the nation’s overall rate.

For first-time online loan applicants, here are the pros and cons of this new feature provided by banks and lending investors.


  • No need to go to a bank or a lending office to inquire about loans
  • No need to process the application and the documents manually
  • Your documents can be assessed right away and recommendation can be given to you immediately
  • You can carefully and thoroughly read the terms and condition on your own time
  • You can check your loan application anywhere and anytime you want
  • You can evaluate the loans available by simply browsing through the lists and details of the loans
  • You can get your loan application approved even within the day
  • You can learn more about your options without even leaving the comfort of your home


  • Though FAQs are provided, some of your questions might not be easily answered unless you talk to an agent or representative
  • You might still need to go to the bank or lending office to sign documents
  • Sometimes, some of the loan providers might not be able to update their websites and provide you the latest information regarding their loans

Given these pros and cons, you might notice that you can still use the online loans in New Mexico to your advantage.  The important thing is that you get the most relevant and important details of the loan that you would like to avail.  Nevertheless, remember that loans typically offer a temporary solution to your financial problems, so you might still need to work harder to gain the financial stability you desire.

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